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Today is the Day


Pay close attention to your life; your surroundings, the people you interact with, and your day-to-day activities. Everything that surrounds you makes you, well, you. Think of all the possible forces of the universe that brought you to this very moment: you are reading this blog post because you understand that you can do better, that things will get better, and that today is the day.

Whether we are suffering from severe anxiety, or a less intense but underlying sense of discomfort and stress, we all have something in common. We want to feel better. We want to stop the vicious cycle of anxiety, fear, and worry.

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All Things are Possible: Liberate Yourself from Anxiety


“We need to forget what we think we are so that we can really become what we are”

-Paulo Coelho

Here is the good news: Greatness is our birthright, and YOU are special in every way imaginable. Even better news? If you are someone who experiences more than the average amount of anxiety, you are full of potential for greatness. You may be wondering why, well, here are just a few reasons:

  • You probably have above average intelligence
  • You are highly creative
  • You have a fabulous imagination
  • You are detailed oriented and analytical

Though these are all amazing attributes that can make you extremely successful, people with anxiety can and will use these to scare themselves.

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Uncovering Steps To Deliberate Living in 2015

Hello Everyone!

Hope your year is getting off to a great start.

I am excited to share a concept with you that I am using myself, along with setting Clear Intentions. It is called coming from a place of doing things in a “deliberate” state. In other words, everything you do, you do in steps, calmly, and with thought.

  1. Calm down
  2. Think before you take action
  3. Make a list, either on paper or in your mind
  4. Do things in order, one at a time
  5. Do things for a reason not randomly
  6. Stay focused so you don’t become scattered
  7. Be and stay organized
  8. Be deliberate in your actions
  9. Have clear intentions
  10. Be patient

For example, before you go out for the day, think about what do you need, take your time, get organized, put things in your bag, put things you don’t need away, i.e.

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2015: The Year of “Clear Intentions”

Intention: Purpose and attitude toward the effect of ones thoughts and or behaviors to create a desired end result. A “mental’ and deliberate act or instance of determining action.

As you move forward into this New Year, I ask you to do so with intention. In other words, before you react or take action, think about your intentions for the end result. Think about what you want to accomplish that will result getting you what you want in life. Think about how you need to react with others to make your desires and intentions for your life this year your reality.

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New Year, New You?



Sounds trite, but so true. This is it; the beginning of a new year. What better time than now to sit down and decide what you want to change and improve. What better time to get the people “out “ of your space that treat you badly. What better time to put good clear thoughts about the types of people you want in your life, to come in to your life.

Have you made your list yet? The list of things you want to accomplish this year. My list is a mile long. I suggest you list personal goals first, then professional goals, then list things you want to do, to just “do” because you want to.

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