Truth Be Told: A Memoir of
Success, Suicide, and Survival

Truth Be Told

280 page hardcover book

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An Inspiring Story of Hope
and Healing after Tragedy

By Lucinda Bassett

After years of helping others alleviate their own pain and providing the tools they needed to move their lives forward, bestselling author and tragedy and healing coach, Lucinda Bassett, was faced with another battle when her husband and best friend, David, was overcome by a torturous mental illness.

But, when David unexpectedly took his own life, Lucinda was forced to confront the complex feelings that come from such an unspeakable loss, and help her children grapple with the excruciating grief of losing a beloved father to suicide.

For the first time since the tragic death of her husband, Lucinda Bassett tells her riveting story in Truth Be Told: A Memoir of Success, Suicide, and Survival.

“When someone you love takes their life by suicide, they also take part of yours. And the hurt they leave behind never goes away. Often it catches you by surprise. It’s the welling of tears that can erupt at any given moment…at the mention of their name, a memory, or a song. It’s the knots in your stomach that can never completely be eradicated. It’s the hole in your heart that can never be filled.”

With candid intimacy, Lucinda describes her pain about her husband’s death and her powerlessness to stop it. In the midst of abject pain, she found the courage to persevere, even as she was subjected to a relentless succession of personal challenges and devastating losses — and she has now emerged with a fresh hope for new happiness.

“Understandably, and with caution, I once again have decided to share my life experience to help others. I’ve started a new business and a new brand…I am now focusing on helping those who struggle not only with anxiety and depression, but also with grief, tragedy, and loss…and of course, suicide.”

In Truth Be Told, Lucinda offers powerful realizations about her own life — how she reconciled her alcoholic father’s painful legacy, came to terms with the sexual molestation she suffered as a little girl, and conquered debilitating panic attacks and agoraphobia — and how those crucial life experiences provided a potent motivation to help millions of people conquer their fears and anxieties.

Now, Lucinda is focused on working with people who have suffered various types of tragedy and loss, including suicide. Lucinda’s drive to help those who are struggling with the loss of a loved one to suicide is, for her, a logical consequence of her own battle with guilt, blame, anger and shame after losing her husband. Lucinda believes that, if she could find the strength to honor David’s memory, protect their children, and save their finances and their home — all of which eventually allowed her to find peace — she can help others find their own peaceful resolution.

Her astounding story is a remarkable gift to anyone who has been emotionally torn apart by life’s tragedies, and who seeks the inspiration from one who has learned to endure, survive — and thrive.

“It became time that the truth be told, in honor of David and our family, so that people know what really happened to this beautiful man…Also, it’s time the truth be told because it is important for those who have struggled with a loved one’s suicide to understand that there is life after the loss of a loved one to suicide.”

Praise For Truth Be Told

The human spirit inspires all of us to help another, with the benefit of our own experiences, trials, and tribulations. Lucinda’s book is an honest, open, quieting story that so many spouses and family members who have lost loved ones, or experienced extreme tragedy, will learn from. Love and honesty with one another is what improves us all, and Lucinda does just that in Truth Be Told. It is so worth reading!

National radio personality and author

Lucinda Bassett’s life journey will inspire others to move beyond extreme pain and find peace again. I recommend this book to anyone who has experienced loss and heartbreak—and that would be just about everyone.

—Kenny Loggins
Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, guitarist, and author

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