Helping You Move Forward After Change, Challenge, Loss, or Tragedy

When a tragedy touches your life, you don’t have to go through it alone. Renowned tragedy and healing coach, Lucinda Bassett can help you and your family move forward again.

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Through intimate coaching group calls and one-on-one calls with Lucinda centered on healing associated with grief, trauma and tragedy, Lucinda provides a safe place to reflect, share your emotions, learn new skills, and grow.

Centered around healing and recovery from anxiety, depression associated with trauma, tragedy, grief and suicide, Lucinda’s coaching programs help others get their lives back, and give them the tools and reassurance to move forward toward their own personal healing, hope, and happiness. Through group and one-on-one coaching, Lucinda offers a safe environment to reflect, share fears and emotional pain, and to eventually learn how to heal, and grow stronger. She offers specific skills and guidance and tools that can be used daily to move you and your family forward through loss, tragedy, and grief, and the anxiety and depression associated with it.

Whether you choose to work anonymously with Lucinda in a phone support group, or chose small group or one-on-one phone coaching with Lucinda, each call will identify the critical problems you face, and provide the essential solutions that allow you to move forward. You’ll quickly discover that sharing your challenges, and your victories, either privately with Lucinda or in a group setting with other participants, is invaluable to the healing process.

This free call with give you actionable steps you can use immediately, as well as help you decide if coaching regularly with Lucinda on a private or group basis would be a good fit for you.

What You Will Gain From
Coaching Sessions with Lucinda Bassett:

Request a specific topic through Twitter @lbtruthbetold or, and then have the opportunity to hear Lucinda discuss the issues that concern you personally.

What Clients Are Saying:

I just wanted to say thank you for saving my life. I started having panic attacks when I was 16 years old, and my parents found you. You have helped me dramatically. I am now 21, and without you, I would not be pursuing my goal of becoming a medical doctor. Thank you, and I wish you well!

—Tyler from Carrollton, Georgia

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Contact one of Lucinda’s personal coaching consultants today at 1-855-520-HEAL (4325) to discuss which coaching option is best for you.