Helping you overcome anxiety and depression related to Challenge, Change or Loss.


What You Will Gain From
Coaching Sessions with Lucinda Bassett:

Request a specific topic through Twitter @lbtruthbetold or, and then have the opportunity to hear Lucinda discuss the issues that concern you personally.

What Clients Are Saying:


I just wanted to say thank you for saving my life. I started having panic attacks when I was 16 years old. You helped me dramatically. I am now 21, and without you, I would not be pursuing my goal of becoming a medical doctor. Thank you, and I wish you well!

-Tyler from Carrollton, Georgia


Lucinda, I have always wanted to thank you! You saved my life after I had my third child. I couldn’t even leave the house, and no one understood my suffering. I found you on a late night commercial! I actually had a terrible setback 3 years ago, after my mom passed away from cancer…I got a life coach, none other than Carolyn Dickman! What a huge blessing she was, and she’s a dear friend now…I would love nothing more than to meet you, and thank you in person. I have referred so many people! Anyway, thank you again. I do believe God made you to do this…

-Jenna from Palmdale, California


…your skills have been a great asset to my life, emotionally and mentally. I have shared [them] with others, who have also had a remarkable change in their lives…Just want to take this time to thank you for what you have deposited into our lives and the lives of others. My boyfriend and I had an idea that you could make a DVD of interviews with those who have battled in their lives…to speak out and be mentors to those who are still battling emotionally with depression and anger problems.

-Latoya from Bronx, New York

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